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My first EPs are now available online! SHOULD HAVE LISTENED features six slightly eerie (yet fun!) original songs. Three were directly inspired by the works of Georgia author Ann Hite. Two came directly from my personal life experiences and perspectives. And one (Web of Love) came from the humorous universe during a month when I was teaching computer skills to children, giving everyone as much love as I knew how to, yet was preparing to move away from what I had thought was a settled life (home, marriage, careers...) in Maryland. These songs, I think, are unusual - and worth hearing and singing.


The two songs on I DO DECLARE! are dedicated to the parents of the woman I married in 2015, after living together for 12 years. One is, I think, a beautiful reflection on first meeting one's future in-laws and being supported spiritually by their good spirits, even after death. This was an unexpected relationship that occurred during what is turning out to be an amazing time culturally and historically in America. I would not un-live almost anything that has happened in my life. Most importantly, I have found in this marriage of spirits a life worth waking and re-awakening to every moment. I sincerely wish every person on earth could know this level of personal contentment, peace and joy.


Courage is, simply, Fear plus oxygen. Singing requires lots of good breathing - and singing definitely helps me escape my fears, worries, disappointments...all the yuckies I would rather not stare at in the middle of an otherwise wonderful life. So, I will keep singing...and writing...and living...and learning...and doing...until the last possible moment. Certainly I hope, in the meantime, that others will receive some of the good stuff I offer - and will find my music provides something worth breathing with.


Welcome to my creative world. I hope you will enjoy what you find here. Thank you for listening, reading, and sharing your own inspiring responses! Now, please visit one or more of the following links to find songs I have recorded lovingly for you!





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